Dicom announces CE certification

Dicom Technologies Ltd extremely honored and proud to announce to our clients “Smart Home Products Dicom standard CE certification”.
What is CE? CE is abbreviation from the phrase “European Conformity” full name and is officially CE Marking. Certified CE Marking indicates the products comply with the laws of the European Union (EU) and to allow the free circulation of products within the European market.
Therefore, the certificate of CE has a part prove the quality of the product is CE certification simultaneously Dicom plate tickets allowing Dicom’s product was the trade on European markets.
DICOM believes that the quality of the product is always the key to the success of your business, therefore, each a product prior to consumers must undergo strict test procedure of Dicom engineer team with all specifications are guaranteed safe, stable, and does not affect health and the environment.
With warranty 1 chance 1 in 2 years as a commitment to the quality of products and services of Dicom.
DICOM will further efforts to bring the best products for the consumer market in the country and foreign, remove barriers in the subconscious of consumers about “Vietnam’s products”.
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