Your life will be easier with smart home

Smart phone is a significant step forward in human life, people communicate with another over the world, share photos, buy anything via Internet, etc. Nowadays, people have to catch the next era in smart tech: control everything just by smartphone, tablet.

Cuộc sống dễ dàng với nhà thông minh

1.   Eliminating wireline by wireless devices

In the past, the house is lack of synchronous solution and aesthetic makes architect value decline strongly. A smart home is totally connected and controlled by a sensitive screen, which is the center of the whole system, using wireless sensors, high-speed bandwidth and portable backup system. By the way, the stranger can not disable security system by cutting down the power line or disabling the Internet in your house.


Cuộc sống dễ dàng với nhà thông minh Dicom

2.   Keep safe and secure 24/7

Promote smart home systems provide superior from intruders, with uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring, whether you’re at home or not. If an alarm is ring, a door or window opens, the monitoring center will notify owner immediately. And with a wireless battery backup, you stay protected connected even during a power outage.

3.   Control electrical devices in-house

The security systems help you monitor everything around your house. Base on cameras and motion sensor you’ll know when children come home or issue happens in the house.

Cuộc sống dễ dàng với nhà thông minh

4.   Alert for unusual situation

Smart home system solution will send message or email to alert you when detects a problem. Hence, you might decide suitable actions.

5.   Prevent disaster in house

No one can know when disaster might happen, but safety sensors can detect fires, flooding, gas leaks, etc and notify immediately for the user. Consequence, you can prevent disaster in time

Cuộc sống dễ dàng hơn với nhà thông minh Dicom

6.   Saving time and effort

image, when the basement is overflowing, but you are in workplace the gap from the house is over 20 kilometers. The smart home solution will notify you and then you can call a plumber . You only control the door via smartphone to unlock and lock for the repair. Besides, you have not to wait for the service and might save much time.

7.   Save energy

When you forgetting turn off light, the coffee pot, air conditioner, etc a smart home system will turn on or turn off for you. According to installed program, the light might automatically tủn on when you come home or get up.

With a variety of great features, a smart home will make human life so much easier and more comfortable.

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