How Smart Home Works?

Each electrical device in your house that can be put in your home network and you might control them by voice, remote control, tablet, smartphone, etc. Most the controlling relates to lighting, curtain, home security, home theater, entertainment, thermostat regulation, etc.

You might think of Bill Gates when hear about ” Smart Home” word, who spent more than $100 million building the latest smart home. However smart home became much more common and cheaper today.

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Such as smartphone and tablet, the smart home system is a part of Internet of Things, that are interconnected and identifiable through the digital network. We’ll take a look at the technology in a smart home system.

There are five basic things are needed to make the Internet of Things work.

1. Things

The “Things” in ” Internet of Things” – which could be anything from person or animal to a robot or computer; in the smart home field, “things” is the electrical device, which we want to track, measure, or monitor.

2. The identifier

If we want to be able to connect, monitor or measure every thing, we need to be able to identify them such as name and function. Nowadays, with a modern  RFID technology, allows people to identify the electronic devices via an automatical network using radio waves, with a little or no human intervention, which is possible also transmit much more information.

3. The sensors

Sensors are the most important part of the “Internet of Things”. Instead of having to connect directly to the network, Dicom sensor system usually can update, measure and convert into electrical signals. Lighting sensors are the most popular, used to control lighting systems in public areas or permanent access areas.

4. The network

In order to everything exists and connects together in a network as the transmission of information between computers just by the Internet with having used a standard connection method called an Internet Protocol (IP). IP is based on the idea that each has a unique address (IP address) and can exchange data with each other by small packets. If everything connects using IP or uses Wifi to transmit information to the router that connects to the Internet, we will be able to control them from a web browser from anywhere in the world. And that’s why you can see your home via security system of the house, control the electronic devices in the house through the application in the smartphone.

5. The data analysis

Once people have to collect masses of data, from hundreds, thousands, millions, or even billions of devices, they need analyzing a center device that helps us work, move, and live much more smartly at least in theory. For instance, information has been gathered from people or car movements and optimizing our transportation systems could help us reduce travel times or congestion, promoting benefits for peoples’ quality of life and the environment. Besides, Cloud computing systems (the idea of using powerful computer services supplied over the Internet) are role important part of the Internet of Things as a giant memory which might access everywhere via the inetrnet.

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