Bring Smart Home Solution into Modern Life

It is wonderful when your house might perform commands like fantasy movies. Luckily, in the era of the internet of things, it’s not hard to do that. People may integrate plenty of utilities into real life.
      Smart Home is becoming an indispensable trend of the present day and it promises to open a new era in which human beings will develop their wisdom and power and labor will decrease significantly. Applying Dicom smart home solution into the living makes the benefit and increases the quality of human life so much.

1. Smart home optimizes the value from house

     You may install Smart Home systems only at the cost of several tens of millions for a home worth more than 1 billion. This cost is just same level with a set of kitchen cabinets or a set of home sofas, but the Smart home system allows you to remotely control electrical all equipment, make the house is more comfortable, luxurious and more modern.

2. Increases efficiency and saves time

      Instead of having to install and control the toggle switches for lights and other electronic devices. Now, with just one internet-enabled smartphone, you stay anywhere to do it. Not only that, Dicom smart home system also allows you to install multi-devices control by animations, set automatical states for light. For example, you can set up a schedule to automatically turn on the living room light at 6 pm and turn off the hallway lights after 10 pm. Hence, people might save much time and reduces anxiety when managing electrical appliances in the house.
There is an example for controlling the lighting system, users can also install and control automatically many other devices such as curtain system, security monitoring system, sound system, etc.

3. Ensuring Safety and peace life

       Bringing Dicom Smart home solution into your living family helps you dispel worries about the dangers that surround you. Security surveillance system is part of the smart home system. The security system can be integrated with all types of IP cameras, so you can easily watch your home with video and still images at all times with the D-Home app. In addition, the system also integrates sensors such as motion sensors, fence sensors, gas sensors … help you to control and handle the problem promptly at any time, anywhere.
       So whether you are at home or go out, you do not need to worry because you can always monitor the home remotely and get notifications from mobile when something happens. Life has become much more safe and secure.

4. Reasonable costs for a Smart Home System

In fact, the cost of installing smart home systems is not expensive. This cost is affordable for many families to install and use. For example, if you buy an apartment worth more than one billion, you just spend a few tens of millions is able to own a smart home system with perfect utilities.
Enjoy the full happiness at your home with Dicom Smart Home system!
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