Dicom Smarthome in Penthouse of City Garden

The quality of life is more and more better that make demands for life’s space and utilities become more strict. A famous project set up as a benchmark for many real estate projects and construction across the country, was implemented by French investors – the City Garden project, especially the Penthouse apartment complex that get into all of the perfect details, bringing sophistication to everyday life. In a splendid space, customers are impressed by much more benefits of Dicom Smarthome solution.
Penthouse of City Garden applied:
– Smart lighting system.
– Smart curtains system
– Bluetooth audio system
Dicom’s products are selected by DFA not only because of their outstanding features, stable funtions but also because they are superior in design and luxury. All shapes and functions of Dicom’s touch switch is subtle and the control functions are displayed directly on the keypad, making it easy for using. The Dicom designed high-quality audio systems, providing the ultimate in user-friendly entertainment in just a few simple steps on a mobile phone.


Experience a poetic life, panoramic city, immersed into splendid sunset, or drunk in the fanciful painting of Saigon with warm light, the melodious song. That is no longer just in dreams.
Smarthome will be one of intelligent investments for your family, making your home a safe, convenient and modern place, and save you time and money.
Technology is optimizing your life, keep updating to not become a follower !!!!
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