2018 Smarthome Trends in Vietnam

Smarthome is one of those technology ideas that never seem to catch on, despite the effort of big technology company. Nowaday, there are tons of high-tech gadgets to make homes “smarter”. We see a lots of new brands launching product in smart home everyday. But, the most successful will be those that can help deliver the simple, seamless experience that consumer crave.

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Here are just a few predictions of where smarthome trend in 2018 might take us:

Home Security is still growth: A smarthome security system connects to your home Wi-fi network so you can monitor and control your security devices by using smartphone and an app. Dicom supply a comprehensive solution with a professionally monitored system and camera… Dicom security system are designed with these threats in mind, providing a range of detector and alarm to help alert elderly homeowners through D-Home application. This system integrated with light, serent… to reduce danger for people…

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Voice control is hot topic: Last year, the popularity of Amazone alexa has spawned the development of all types of vice controllable product: lights, music systems and other devices. But, in Vietnam, the voice control is not useful, because it is control by English. So, in 2018, all of company will develop Vietnamese voice Control App.

Decor – Friendly Gadgets: Home automation can better with your decor than traditional devices. Dicom highlight electronic gadgets with good design that are aesthetically pleasing and smart switch that look sleek and modern.

Wireless Power Control: It’s been an issue with smart home from the start, because every devices in the home needs to connect to Wifi. So you can’t control any device when the Wi-fi of your home unconnected. Dicom solution allows you to control myriad devices with the touch of you finger and not depend of network.

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More home Applications Get connected: We can see more and more connected appliances at Dicom. This trend is still continue, with only smart appliances, but more and more devices, and with more thoughful integration as well. That’s  mean the devices in your home can talk to one another and perform functions automatically, in anticipation of your needs, such as turning down the heat in your kitchen when the oven is on.

We hope you can see more product that bring reality conveniece for you.

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