Smart House helps your home safer

1. Existing security solutions on the market.
– Camera system:
· Following the trend of the technology of the camera is no stranger to the family can easily find the products of its various cost levels, easy installation. Function to record and save the image where to observe, the camera is currently the preferred device used to manage infrastructure assets.
· But to protect a timely need track take much time, usually only applies to the dedicated team in charge of tracking: public places, buildings, hospitals, schools, … Not the optimal solution for the living family apartment.
· By cons is a passive form of security only the storage function observed but the audience could know the camera angle is often easier to use the disguise or a hidden corner to avoid being observed occurred, when the problem occurs, users who check the camera to review the logs.
– Alarm system:
· Is the optimal method for now but still have many families have not understood all the use and advantage because it do not much popular in Vietnam. Alarm alert function in the first period when crooks have illegal acts break and families. The warning function works as soon as the impact and crooks lost spirit will no longer dare to make bad behavior to the family.
· Currently most of the electronic components of the anti-theft devices are circulating on the market are imported from China, so the quality is unknown and fairly high cost.  The products are not the same, when using both the camera and alarm system the customer must install the 2 applications, sometimes making it difficult for the user. When security needs to open other applications to test the camera.
· The downside of products not yet able to meet the diverse needs and full of customers. Not yet the full convergence of features in a product. When only the warning function, called for support do not have the ability to verify and save the image of the object to prevent and report. Or no safety sensors like smoke and gas warning risk of fire in the home.
2. Security solutions in smart home will more comprehensive?
Certainly, anyone ever listen to the phrase “smart House” and learn to experience. Smart homes allow you to control and automate almost all electrical equipment in the House. With wireless technology applications, gives you a perfect add-on helps you control and monitor the entire House.
Solution is integrated in the smart home, users only need to use 1 application for all: camera systems, alarm systems, there is the whole control system of intelligent home, … All in one application on smartphone.
– Disadvantages:
· On the market there are now many types of camera products, but not smart homes would also allow all kinds of external camera is connected to the smart home applications. Difficult for the renovated apartments has available the system camera.
· Alarm systems of each manufacturer requires use of sync with smart home system. The products manufactured other is not able to integrate on the same application.
· So the current smart home solutions only resolve part of user needs that still musically with the product and the manufacturer’s application.
3. Smart home security solution that Dicom will solve all the problems to lack of mercy.
DICOM security solutions for the smart house system with the incorporation of diverse equipment third-party products.
– The central controller (D Home) of smart home is the brains of the Dicom smart houses take on the job of handling the remote control in the House and unofficial cumulative information configured, the settings of the user. Get the information, warnings from house and sent them to people via Smartphone, Tablet. The central controller D Home integrated control software on a smart home applications via smartphone, Tablet. Intuitive control support on IOS, Android, Multilingual interface, smart, friendly. Unlimited device connects and controls the same time. D Home use Zigbee radio to control the electrical equipment in the House via the multifunctional security controller (D-Switch)
– D-Switch allows integrating IP cameras and Analog is the 2 main product line on the market today. Have the ability to manage many types of camera like the outdoors or indoors.
– Alarm system and smoke, gas sensor allows to integrate the diverse products of different manufacturers through D-Swicth with costs less than 1 million. In addition to General-purpose connectivity D-Switch also detect information security and give instant notice to the smartphone and check the camera image.
Now, your House has really been safe guard easily that save costs. In short, it offers the serenity of mind with too many things cause cigars patching, in daily life, It’s great to put out a list of things to look after that don’t require you to actually be there.
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